SIT Research Laboratories have been operating the Shared Equipment Centers since January 2016. The main aim of the centers is revitalizing education and research with a wide variety of cutting edge advanced devices. These devices include general purpose ones such as a common microscope to state-of-the art equipment and they are provided to students and faculty members working at the University. The shared equipment centers are located in our Toyosu and Omiya Campuses.

The Techno Plazas located at Toyosu campus have two shared equipment centers, active learning space, etc., with first one at Techno Plaza on the 1st floor of classroom building and the other at Techno Plaza II on the 1st floor of interchange building. They are operated by one technical staff. Apart from these centers, there are common equipment managed and operated in three Analysis Equipment Centers 1, 2, and 3 located at the floors 10, 11, 12 of the Research Building.

In the Omiya campus, common laboratory spaces have been set up in Room 202 in the Research Organization of Advanced Engineering Technology Building, and are operated with a technical staff. Shared equipment is also installed in Rooms 101, 104, and 106.

We encourage and look forward to the usage of the equipment by both students and faculty members. Please feel free to visit our Techno Plazas.

From April 2019, aiming to support the university-wide manufacturing research,Manufacturing Centerwas established and already started its operation. In case of Omiya campus, room 4101 has been added to be a workshop to the existing one in room 4102. Machine tools have also been significantly updated at the Toyosu workshop. Currently, we plan to gradually release each device while launching it. Details will be announced on this website in near future.

Course Information-Common Equipment Center

◆ In order to prevent the spread of corona infection, we are refraining from direct usage training by shared staff.
However, we will support you, so please feel free to contact us.
In addition, we have prepared video materials for online use, so we will replace them with classes. Please watch and use the device.
If you have any questions after watching the video, ask the staff.
Video material:Link
You can download from your Shibaura Google account.
◆ As of September 25, shared staff are scheduled to go to work every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
On other days, we are teleworking, so we will respond by phone, email or ZOOM.

Information other than training – Common Equipment Center

◆ Available time of common equipment center in 2020
It will be the same as the university usage time.
Please check the university homepage and information on scomb etc. for the usage time of the university.

★ As of September 21, Scomb has issued precautions to prevent corona infection to students.
Please wear a face shield to prevent infection.
Also, ventilate for about 1 hour and 10 minutes.
◆ Information on using the Common Equipment Center from June 1stHere.
◆ Please wear a mask when using the Common Equipment Center.
◆ Please bring a fail shield such as dust-proof glasses when using it by two people.
◆ Since an alcohol disinfectant has been prepared at the entrance, please disinfect the mouse before and after use.
The Common Equipment Center is currently recording online entry and exit information.Read the QR code posted at the entrancePlease enter the required information. Please cooperate in infection prevention at the Common Equipment Center.

Notice of usage charges for 2020
The basic charge of 50,000 yen will be changed to 25,000 yen.
The option fee does not change.
The maximum charge will also be 200,000 yen → 175,000 yen.

① (For academic advisors) About using the Common Equipment Center (Notice of registration and fees)
① About the use of the Shared Equipments Centers (Notice of registration and usage fee)
② 2020 application form Excel format (Japanese and English)
③ How to use the reservation system
③ How to use the reservation system at Techno Plaza
④ (For users) Techno Plaza usage guide
④ Techno plaza user guide
⑤ About overtime usage
⑤ Information on overtime usage of Common Equipment Center

Information during the 2020 winter holidays
Notice: Use of Shared Equipment and Manufacturing Center during Winter Vacation
The schedule may change due to the corona virus. Please check the homepage of the university.
We may set days when you should not come to each laboratory. In that case, please follow the policy of your academic advisor.
There are no plans to close the room during the first and second semesters.

Registration of tour information

・ If you have a plan to hold a guided tour of the technoplaza,herePlease register here.
・ If you have a tour, please register here.

Communication about equipment

-The EPMA device has been restored.
・ A manual rotary grinder has been newly introduced at the Analysis and Analysis Center 3.
・ D-RIE equipment has been relocated from Omiya to Toyosu Techno Plaza 2.
・ A nitrogen adsorption device that can measure at low pressure (high vacuum) has been introduced at Analytical Equipment Center 3.

Update of information

・2021年3月26日 製図室にありましたレーザーカッターをものづくりセンターに移設しました。

・ December 23, 2020 We uploaded a video on how to use general-purpose AFM.

・ December 21, 2020 Added English_ver. Usage guide during the winter holidays.

・ December 14, 2020 We have updated the usage guide during the winter holidays.

・ December 10, 2020 We have uploaded usage information during the winter holidays.

・ December 2, 2020 A training video was added (Shimadzu SEM EDS). Added FE-SEM troubleshooting.

・ November 24, 2020 A training video has been added. (TG-DTA, X-ray CT)

・ September 25, 2020 Please wear a face shield, etc. to prevent infection.

・ September 15, 2020 The basic charge will be halved only this year.

・August 25, 2020 We will make a reservation for the laser cutter with the reservation system.

-June 25, 2020 Added page for small refrigerant-free PPMS equipment.

-June 15, 2020 Reservation rules have been added.

・ May 29, 2020 We have created an activity report page. A list of equipment personnel has been added (HN).

・ April 23, 2020 FE-SEM manual was updated.

-April 20, 2020 The English version of the page was revised with the cooperation of Dr. Uma (Faculty of Engineering).

・ April 17, 2020 English user guide is uploaded.

・ April 14, 2020 English usage guide uploaded.

・ April 13, 2020 Moved "Activity Report" to "Home".

・ April 9, 2020 We have started a trial version of English pages (HN).

We use Google Translate for quick reporting. Please keep the following points in mind when using the English page.

This service may include translations provided by Google. Google disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to translation (including, but not limited to, all warranties of accuracy, reliability, and merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, Liability).

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・ March 14, 2020 Information pages for newly introduced equipment such as polishing machines have been added for fiscal 2020.

・ January 8, 2020 New common devices scheduled for FY2020 have been added to the device list. ]

Update information (before 2019)